Street-Based Youth Work

Crossover youth workers undertake youth work out in the community of Liss focusing on the anti-social behaviour (ASB) and providing diversionary activities to stop people committing ASB.

When undertaking our street-based youth work, we direct young people to Crossover whilst it is open, and speak with young people who are out about, supporting them where needed and encouraging positive behaviour in the community

We encourage young people to access the youth centre, reminding them that it is their safe space to use. (Did you know that anti-social behaviour in Liss has decreased since Crossover’s opening in 2006?! However, we know it still happens.)

We aim to deter ASB by having a positive presence in the area and by providing activities for young people to get engaged with inside and outside of the centre. In better weather we will take sporting equipment outside for people to use.

If you see us out and about in Liss, do stop and say hello!

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