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You can donate to Crossover below by using the link or filling in the contact form

All donations, whatever the amount, are greatly appreciated and go such a long way in

assisting us do the work we love to do.

Want to donate to Crossover? Crossover costs money to run, but all our sessions and activities are FREE to access and enjoy. We rely heavily on grants and donations, but the current financial climate has meant that the amount being donated to us has fallen, especially from Local Government.

If you could help us even by donating a few pounds a month we would be so grateful and you would be helping us to keep on providing our support to young people.

Click to download a one off donation/banker’s order form which you can e-mail to us at or print off and post to us or bring it in to the centre.

You can also now help raise funds for Crossover at the click of a mouse! Head over to our easyfundraising page at where you can raise money for us by shopping with retailers such as Amazon and Ebay, and when you buy holidays, travel insurance and much more!

You can meet the team here.


Your Donation Matters

Every donation to our youth centre charity isn’t just a contribution; it’s a lifeline for many young people. Your generosity fuels our mission to create a nurturing environment where we can support and encourage the potential of as many young people as possible.

Transforming Lives, One Donation at a Time

Furthermore, your support isn’t merely financial; it’s a catalyst for change.  It provides chances for young people to explore a variety of activities and challenges to develop confidence and self esteem through educational and creative projects. 

 It also funds projects offering guidance and support for those with more specific needs such as those who aren’t in education, employment, or training.

Fueling Opportunities, Inspiring Futures

Your donations are the backbone of our initiatives. They give us the necessary funds for our supportive and inspirational projects, educational resources, recreational off site activities and help us create a safe haven for those who need it most

With your help, we turn aspirations into realities.

Empowering the Next Generation

Your contribution isn’t just a number; it’s a vote of confidence in the potential of our youth. It enables us to provide a platform where dreams aren’t limited by circumstances but thrive through encouragement, support, and access to opportunities. 

Thank You for Being the Difference

Your donations echo far beyond the amount given and they resonate in the lives transformed and the futures illuminated. 

From all of us at Crossover, thank you for being a beacon of hope and change for our youth.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your continued support ensures that our efforts never cease. Together we will continue to build a community where every young person feels supported, empowered, and valued.