Crossover Session Times

We have found a venue for Year 5-7 sessions!!

So our current session times and venues are:

Years 5-7: The British Legion, Rake Road, Liss.
Tuesday and Thursday, 4pm – 5.45pm (we have to allow time to clear up).
Please note that pool costs 50p a game at the Legion. We will be running a scaled down café at the moment with toast and drinks for sale at the usual small prices. We will be having the usual fun games and activities. We will be using a side entrance to the hall at the British Legion so that young people do not have to go through the bar area. Please bear with us on our first session there next Tuesday as we get used to the new set up!

Years 8-10: West Liss Pavilion, Tuesday 6.30-8.30pm

Year 11+: West Liss Pavilion, Wednesday 7-9pm.

Due to the additional costs to us of renting alternative premises, donations are most welcome. Thank you for all your support at this challenging time for Crossover!

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